This is also known as Malabar Jack and Malabar King Fish. It is available throughout the Indian Coastal waters. It is a favourite of all fish eaters, especially in the fried form. comes under big fish category . Malabar Trevally fish is also known as Thenga Parai fish in Tamil .Travelly fish has tasty eating qualities with strong but high flavoured quality. They are most excellent choice for children as their bones can be easily removed. Travelly is so called as “Paarai (பாறை), Vatta Paara (வட்டபாறை),in Tamil which is also used to grill, bake, smoke, shallow or deep fry but it’s preferably serves as skinless. Its advisable to eat smoky Travelly which reduce the oiliness herbed or curried mayonnaise makes a delicious flavour for smoky Travelly

Malabar Trevally/ பாறை/ Vatta
(Size 500-1000g/ fish)
₹585 /kg Gross

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Boneless Cubes
CONVENTIONAL (Pay for GROSS WEIGHT, fishes are weighed before cutting & cleaning)
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Variable Weight Adjustment Policy
The weight of the fresh seafood we ship to you, may vary from the net weight you see while placing the order. This means that if the actual weight we deliver is more than the net weight you’ve ordered for, we will charge you for the extra weight, on your next order with us. These charges would be capped at a maximum of 10% of what you’ve paid for. Similarly, if we deliver a lesser weight, we will refund the excess amount to your meatton wallet.

Health Benefits

  1.  High in important nutrients
  2.  May lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes
  3.  Contain nutrients that are crucial during development
  4.  May boost brain health
  5.  May help prevent and treat depression
  6.  A good dietary sources of vitamin D
  7.  May reduce your risk of autoimmune diseases
  8.  May help prevent asthma in children
  9.  May protect your vision in old age
  10.  Fish may improve sleep quality
  11.  Delicious and easy to prepare


Ingredients Fresh fillets of Trevally chopped into 2cm square cubes1-2cups of Fresh Squeezed Coconut creamOne Chopped OnionHandful of chopped cherry


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(Size 500-1000g/ fish)
₹585 /kg Gross

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