Crabs are most popular one on seafood menu which also offers eminent health benefits. Its the most popular creatures caught in sea. There are thousands of different species of crabs around the world. Crabs have essential nutrients and minerals for human body needs to function normally.

Three spot crab/ முக்கண் நண்டு
(Size 150-300g/ crab)
₹359/kg Gross

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Variable Weight Adjustment Policy
The weight of the fresh seafood we ship to you, may vary from the net weight you see while placing the order. This means that if the actual weight we deliver is more than the net weight you’ve ordered for, we will charge you for the extra weight, on your next order with us. These charges would be capped at a maximum of 10% of what you’ve paid for. Similarly, if we deliver a lesser weight, we will refund the excess amount to your meatton wallet.

Health Benefits

  1. Crab is a great source of protein
  2. Crab contains long-chain omega-3 fatty acids
  3. Crab contains selenium
  4. Crab contains riboflavin (vitamin b2)
  5. Crab contains copper and phosphorus


Ingredients Salted Butter, black pepper powder, garlic, Thai bird chilli, parsley. 2 teaspoons Salted Butter1 teaspoon Crushed black pepper1 teaspoon Fine grated garlic1 tablespoon Roughly chopped Parsley1 teaspoon Finely chopped


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(Size 150-300g/ crab)
₹359/kg Gross

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