The Squid is One of the main shellfish seafood and can be eaten in a variety of ways: curried, fried, battered, stewed or as part of dishes such as the well-known Spanish Paella. Squid Rings are cleaned, neatly cut, and ready-to-cook. Also known as Calamari or Oosi Kanawa, With a mildly sweet taste and slightly chewey texture, these Squid Rings are usually preferred fried or grilled by seafood aficionados. Deep-fried spicy squid masala fry are among its popular preparations. Order Squid Rings from Meatton to get home delivery!

Needle Squid/ கணவாய்/ Koonthal
(Size 50-200g/ fish)
₹439 /kg Gross

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Choose an option
Fillet & Tentacles
Rings & Tentacles
Tubes & Tentacles
Whole, cleaned
CONVENTIONAL (Pay for GROSS WEIGHT, fishes are weighed before cutting & cleaning)
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Choose an option

Variable Weight Adjustment Policy
The weight of the fresh seafood we ship to you, may vary from the net weight you see while placing the order. This means that if the actual weight we deliver is more than the net weight you’ve ordered for, we will charge you for the extra weight, on your next order with us. These charges would be capped at a maximum of 10% of what you’ve paid for. Similarly, if we deliver a lesser weight, we will refund the excess amount to your meatton wallet.

Health benefits


Health benefits of squid:

  • A nutritious meal
  • Low in calories
  • A good source of protein
  • No carbs
  • Good source of vitamin B 12 and B6
  • Selenium and Vitamin E
  • No cholesterol worries

But follow caution:

  • Eat them fresh
  • Buy from a reliable source
  • Clean it properly




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(Size 50-200g/ fish)
₹439 /kg Gross

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