How exactly does it taste? Open Blue Cobia has a fresh, clean and buttery flavor. Its broad-flaked texture and firm white flesh results in a taste that is mild and ‘not fishy’, if we can put it that way. Cobia has everything going for it.

Cobia/ Motha/ கடல் விறால்
(Size 4-7Kg/ fish)

₹849 /kg Gross

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Variable Weight Adjustment Policy
The weight of the fresh seafood we ship to you, may vary from the net weight you see while placing the order. This means that if the actual weight we deliver is more than the net weight you’ve ordered for, we will charge you for the extra weight, on your next order with us. These charges would be capped at a maximum of 10% of what you’ve paid for. Similarly, if we deliver a lesser weight, we will refund the excess amount to your meatton wallet.

Health Benefits

1. It’s no secret. A fish diet is the best thing you can do to improve and maintain your health.

2.Not only is seafood low in carbohydrates in general, fish is especially rich in potassium, selenium and B vitamins. In fact, frequent consumption of fish has been linked to disease reduction and improved mental health.

3.Don’t take our word for it. The American Heart Association recommends that healthy adults eat fish at least twice a week.

4.Our Open Blue Cobia are a pure and safe source of protein. Quite simply, it’s your healthiest choice – full of vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fats.

5.At Open Blue we’re committed to enhancing human health now and in the future.


400 -500 g cobia (2 slices) cooking oil1 lemon or 2 kumquats3 cloves garlic (unpeeled, crushed, to eliminate the odour of fish)some coarse


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(Size 4-7Kg/ fish)

₹849 /kg Gross

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