Miracles happen when two young minds vibes on same frequency. There were two young mechanical engineers involved in Research & Development. Through their engineer eyes, they viewed all the products and industry pertaining their design and perfection. They started testing the tolerance and precision limits of their day-to-day life objects. Being a meat lover they applied the research on one of their favourite sector which is meat sector, specifically fishing industries, where they realized that the industries are unhygienic and unorganized, they realized that the process has to be streamlined. The research results ended up giving birth to a new revolution in the fishing and meat industry. Yes, that’s how the two R&D engineers stood as a pillar to the modern fish industry’s new shape, “MeattOn”. Meatton is born after a long research on fishing methods and fish & meat retail industry, inorder to streamline the process and to supply high in quality and healthy fishes & meat to the consumers. store.

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